Posted by: Gregoryno6 | April 16, 2010

Antidote to previous post.

Russell Morris, great Australian talent of the 70s and still going strong today.

That ought to wash the taste of the T-ladies out of your ears – thank you, and good night.


  1. Beautiful. Loved it.

    • We aim to please…
      Here is Mr M’s tour de force, a genuine piece of Australian 60s psychedelia – The Real Thing.
      Full 6-minute version.

  2. He was my pinup boy……

    • But you’ve got me now.

  3. Indeed….

  4. Some of the shots in the video were astounding! I really liked the ocean images and the ones of the sunset/sunrise skies. What are the hopping birds called?

    • They’d be emus. Emus are the ostriches that God didn’t love quite enough – excuse me, I think I’ve used that line somewhere else.

      • That’s what I kind of thought they were.

  5. I absolutely loved the Real Thing. Thanks for the treat

  6. It’s my birthday. Only just. This is a great. Took me back to a fabulous party in the 70’s. Those teen years!!!!!! I have s copy of the this track. I’m going to play this all day. Xxx

    • You’re celebrating the er, 25th anniversary of your 29th birthday? Enjoy your day.
      Make sure the kids do everything and don’t lift a finger.
      Or should I say – I hope you enjoyed your day, etc, since you posted just before midnight.

  7. Yep…celebrating THAT birthday. I’d got home from celebrating a mates b/day. He was 50. Serious overindulgence last night saw me suffering a bit this morning. Kids are cooking up a storm here. Friends will be arriving shortly. More indulgence….hmmmm……maybe not to the same extent as last night. ^.^

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