Posted by: Gregoryno6 | March 28, 2010

Some things just stay with you.

I’m often surprised how something I haven’t thought about for years and would probably consider forgotten forever can suddenly return. And how the trigger can be something which is on the surface utterly unrelated.

Stu over at YeLPar put up a picture of two young men lounging beside a pool and said it should have been an album cover back in the 80’s. Don’t ask me why, but I was immediately reminded of an album my father owned about 40 years ago. During some free time at work – time that might have been better spent on Excel tutorials: The Joy of Spreadsheets, ooh yeah – I started searching the net for a photo. I really didn’t expect to be successful. The band involved weren’t exactly huge household names, and I figured that any reissue would probably have a new cover anyhow. But! Not only is the album known in cyberspace, people are still trying to sell it on eBay!

Bachelors album cover

Can you blame them? I’d try selling it too. I didn’t know what WTF moments were when I was ten years old, but trying to make sense of this certainly gave me a few.


  1. Oh, they’re still trying to move stock from 40 years ago. As for the cover…what were they thinking of when that shot was taken!

    While you had those albums around when you were 10…I had Marty Robbins to put up with.

  2. I would give you a little Marty Robbins treat except I have no idea how to add a link…

    • Just copy the html address and paste it. If it’s long, you can shorten it at
      Safe bet though that Marty didn’t get caught in front of a camera with an Afro-Mex-Siberian shaman wearing odd shoes.

  3. No, but Marty is wearing some pretty ‘special’ gear.

    • WTF? Who does he think he is – Elvis?

  4. I’ll bet dad would not’ve played his music if he seem that video.

  5. I am so happy for you that you found the album and could answer that nagging little voice. I am wondering if you are in fact more fortunate than me because i had the pleasure of my mother scarring me with Acker Bilk – over and over and over and i’ve never been able to lose the image of his little goblin beard and clarinet, whacky hat and waistcoats. I think it has much to do with my behaviour as an adult or at least thats how i comfort myself on those long, long nights.
    In case you are unfamiliar – my gift to you:

    • Why does he look familiar? Oh, now I remember….

      • yeah, thats the little fucker đŸ™‚

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