Posted by: Gregoryno6 | March 24, 2010

And then I counted fifteen of them just on the bus home!

Reading a magazine while I had lunch today, story about a young lady who’s currently in the public eye.

One of the crew looks over my shoulder and says, ‘She must be a lesbian.’

How so?

‘She’s got short hair. And she looks confident!’

It was a head and shoulders pic only, so I couldn’t confirm the hypothesis by checking for sensible shoes.


  1. and then y ou counted fifteen short-haired confident women on the bus?

  2. I had no idea… they’re taking over!

  3. I suspect there aren’t enough men to go around, if that’s the case 🙂

    • The RedBubble crowd have this blog under surveillance if view numbers are to be trusted. Post a comment that just mentions lesbians and BOOM! from 17 to 35, just like that.

  4. but you’re not paranoid 🙂

    • Oh, they were ALWAYS a bunch of perverts. The collection of bum shots taught me that – dozens and dozens of views, but hardly anyone dared leave a comment.

  5. lol….obviously too busy perving to comment…

  6. Oh, I did like those bum shots ^•^

    • Nice of you to take time out from perving to comment.
      And for those not in the know, this is the item under discussion. 588 views as of 27/03/10, and 28 comments. Draw your own conclusions.

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