Posted by: Gregoryno6 | February 28, 2010

More About.

Since I began this blog 25 people have taken the time to click on the About button. They wouldn’t have been much wiser afterwards (snigger).

Still, in recognition of their effort…

I was orphaned at a young age. I had no other family so I was taken in and raised by the Blessed Sisters of Savage Discipline.

In honour of the noble women who fed, clothed, and educated me, my profile pic is a portrait of the founder of the order, the Reverend Sister Josephine Cadaver.

That’s what I told folks at Redbubble, anyhow…

I was born in Melbourne, and on January 4 2011 I will be fifty years old. Like most men of that age I still feel about twenty years younger inside my head. (The mirror tells a different story; I have sought second opinions, but those mirrors all stick together. Bastards.) This is obviously the point in life where I should be abandoning my wife and children, finding a girlfriend who’s just old enough to drive, and generally making a fool of myself. But, I’m a career single. Never married, never reproduced. And as for making a fool of myself, I started very early. About the time that I threw my prospects for university aside. Like the song says…

I have ceased to believe there is anything of value in the prophecies of Nostradamus. He was a doctor, he mixed up a few crude hallucinogens, and the rest has just been clever marketing. I believe in God occasionally – there are times when no other explanation makes better sense. But the old polytheistic cultures were probably closer to the mark with their herds of deities. Unknowable forces pulling this way and that and confounding every attempt to understand the world with the rational mind.

I somehow avoided being touched by the sporting obsession that is a hallmark of Australian life. I support the AFL team once known as Footscray because I was born at Footscray Hospital. Calling myself a supporter heavily overstates the case: I’m more of a follower, and I follow from a distance. I listen for the final scores on the news reports and I’m pleased if they do well. But I don’t expect too much. To be honest I think they have spent the last few decades being the most mediocre team that ever ran on to an oval. Not good enough to score a premiership and not bad enough to sink to the bottom of the ladder and achieve Collingwood-style reverse glory. They bump along, not doing anything too outstanding. I wouldn’t be unhappy if this changed in my lifetime.

Albert Tucker is my favourite Australian artist, with Brett Whitely my top choice for most overrated. Some people claim to have read a lot of Patrick White’s novels. I survived two, and life is too short for me to go at a third. For a while I made a point of seeing at least one locally-made film a year. Eventually I came to the painful conclusion that Australian movies are mostly crap and ceased this practice. For my money the best movie that was ever made in this country was Mad Max 2 – aka The Road Warrior. It does something that hasn’t been achieved too often in the thirty years since it hit the screen: it entertains. It’s not wildly original, or profound in its exploration of the antipodean soul, but it tells a story and tells it with style.

I’ll post the story of my working life separately. But I think that’s enough for now. Questions will be welcomed.


  1. Thanks for the snapshots (this post and the next) to tell us more about who you are. I hope you’ll post more in the future!

    • Coming soon: The Fine Art of The Please-Stop Letter.

  2. Those mirrors ARE bastards!!!!!!!

    • Ugly bastards, even.

      • Okay, no mirror directly involved in that photo. But that’s what the mirror showed me…

  3. I remember those shingles….

    • I’m attacking them with echinacea this week. And they don’t like it. Good.

  4. I am pleased that I pressed the button that got me to this. We all have our own reactions to life and I enjoyed reading yours.

    • Much appreciated, Ike. Stay in touch.

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