Posted by: Gregoryno6 | January 30, 2010


All the fast internet is used up. The new month starts next week but in the meantime I’ll be offline. All these fancy websites these days – when it takes fifteen minutes to get something even halfway open the magic toybox loses all its fun and becomes pure annoyance.

During the intermission you might find some amusement in this. Specifically it concerns a young Australian lady who appears – or rather, appeared – in a soap opera. But I’d guess it covers that entire segment of the acting profession generally.

Another item also concerns a stellar element of local TV, also female. In this case, a female who likes other females. She got a little too close to one female in particular – are you following this? – and the second female’s management tried to put some distance between F1 and F2 by describing F1 as – wait for it – an unknown media lesbian. It’s probably wrong to laugh, but hell.

Unknown media lesbian! On that reasoning if F2 was caught on videotape enjoying mutual oral pleasure with Rosie O’Donnell or Ellen DeGeneres, and said video was distributed worldwide, management would have no problems at all. Because Rosie and Ellen are, y’know, high profile media lesbians.


  1. Welcome back to the world of the internetz!

    • It’s a sad situation when the work computer with all its filters and blocks delivers better service than you get at home.

      • Yeah, that *is* a sad sitch. =(

        • Oh, but would you believe it, today the %^@&#! WORK computer went down! In the middle of the day all our internet connections went dead, and when the boss rang our ISP this was the response: “We haven’t had a contract to service that address for two years.” Wadda da effen da eff? Just our branch, mind. No other part of the company was affected.
          Naturally, every cash customer within ten miles zeroed in on us. Most of our business is with account customers so we can just note what they take and get a signature. For the cash customers we had to ring out to other branches to get prices and write invoices by hand. Not looking forward to a repeat of that tomorrow.

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