Posted by: Gregoryno6 | January 26, 2010

A reason to celebrate.

January 26 – Australia Day. There are some who call it Invasion Day, but what’s wrong with “Hey, it might have been the Dutch instead of the British, and look what a great job they did in South Africa!” Day?

Professional self-haters are just one hazard to be risked when turning on the radio. Far worse is the likelihood of catching a speech from our pompous twat of a Prime Minister.

I could join the masses down at the river for the Skyshow. Feel that vibe of love for my fellow Australians, ooh and aaah at the fireworks, and try to get clear when someone starts a fight. Which usually happens just after the finale. Mind you, the song they close with is  John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ and I can’t imagine a song more likely to provoke fisticuffs as people try to get out of earshot.

No, today I will stay home and celebrate the arrival of a few lice-encrusted convicts and soldiers on a quiet beach near Sydney by cranking up the Hoodoo Gurus and eating lamb. It’s a great tradition, eating lamb on Australia Day. Preserved by generation after generation all the way back to 2005.


  1. We spent the day at home also…celebrating. Did we eat lamb? Perhaps!

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