Posted by: Gregoryno6 | January 2, 2010

Who let the humourless bastards steal Christmas?

Christmas used to be my favourite time of year. While everyone else was overdosing on peace and goodwill I’d be busy composing a list of reasons why I wouldn’t be sending out cards. Top of the list as I recall was It would just be another dose of insincere crap that you really don’t need. Also, I was keen to make a political statement against the ruthless exploitation of elves. Then there was the year I bought a heap of very tacky birthday cards. And a thick black marker. That was fun.*

That sort of fun has been hard to find recently. Seems that every whiner with a grudge has decided that Christmas is exactly what’s wrong with the world, and we’d be a whole lot better off if it didn’t exist. These people have a desert where their sense of humour should be. We should pity them – while sniggering behind their backs. Because they’re constitutionally incapable of  getting a laugh out of this:

(There was something here once.  And now I have no memory of it. Must have been a picture that I linked to rather than added directly. May 14 2016)

Not every reindeer has what it takes to pull Santa’s sleigh…

Thanks to TWoP (more about which later) for this excellent image.

*Okay, maybe I got a little mean about it at times. Dodging the phrase ‘Merry Christmas’ like Dracula dodged garlic wasn’t so bad, but feeling proud about it was probably unwholesome. Anyhow, when the day itself arrives, I always celebrate like everyone else. Even without a present to unwrap I partake of the festive mood, eating and drinking to excess and then passing out on the couch. The only difference is, I get to do it alone and usually wearing no more than a pair of boxer shorts.


  1. I love that picture and would love to see it around here. =)

    How did you set up your blog so it’s so mobile-friendly?

    • I have no idea. I’ll see if I can figure it out.

  2. The only clue I can find is under the Extras tab. I checked “Display a mobile theme when this blog is viewed with a mobile browser.”

  3. Well, that one made me laugh.

    Thanks, I was sipping my coffee, now my keyboard needs a clean.

  4. Toss another elf on the barbie!

  5. Okay, now that one is hilarious.

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