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So what has Gina Elise been doing lately?

This much I know about the 2015 Pin Ups For Vets Calendar: it’s in the works. Ladies have been primped, locations have been decided. And photos have been taken.

Patience, friends. Patience. We’re still in fine company for the tail end of this year.

Gina and PUFV Ambassador Julia Reed Nichols were recently in Nevada, entertaining the retired warriors.

And the old veterans  showed their appreciation. Note also that they behaved better than the ladies at a Tom Jones concert.

Today Gina and several other ladies braved the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Leading from the front as always, Miss President!


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Lara Croft, a heavily embalmed bad guy, and a farting moron.

You could get through your day without them, of course. But you’d hate yourself in the morning.

As it turns out, neither are angry with the police.

First up is Alonzo Rachel.

Johnathan Gentry is not quite so well known as Mr. Rachel. His comments about Ferguson ought to change that.

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Ship 1, Bridge 0. Put another way: ship won, bridge lost.

A SEVERE thunderstorm forced a cargo ship to break its mooring and smash into the Fremantle rail bridge overnight.

The storm, which hit the city just before 10pm last night, brought heavy rain to much of the South West and the city, and blacked out 20,000 homes.

Freo rail bridge

That’s what you get when a 14000 tonne ship breaks its mooring lines. All six of them.

If you missed it last year – my piece on Long Tan is here.

Until I began preparing that item I was unaware that LBJ himself had recognised the Australian force with a citation. We should learn to honour our military victories with the same enthusiasm as our sporting victories.

The anniversary of Long Tan has been chosen as our Vietnam Veterans Rememebrance Day.

VVRD Ronaldson

Photo courtesy of the office of the Minister for Veterans Affairs, Senator Michael Ronaldson. The Minister’s press release today also provided a link for the Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling Service. Please – if you need them, they are there for you.

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World War One: declared in Europe, but opened in Australia.

The city of Melbourne sits at the head of Port Philip Bay, one of the largest natural bays in the world.


(map from Wikipedia)

This huge body of water narrows down to a channel about 3 kilmometres across at its southern end. Defences for Victoria were natually concentrated here during the colonial days. Fort Nepean was constructed at the tip of the Mornington Peninsula, with Fort Queenscliff on the western side.

Historians professional and amateur are still arguing over the moment at which World War 1 was officially opened. There is broad agreement that Australia’s first shots were fired from Fort Nepean; some authorities say these were the first shots fired by any of the Allied armies. Britain declared war on Germany on the evening of August 4 1914; here on the far side of the world, the German ship Pfalz was sailing down the bay. News of the declaration reached Fort Queenscliff. The Pfalz ignored signals calling on it to halt.

The soldiers and sailors stationed at Fort Nepean in Port Melbourne received their orders just as the German ship approached a line of fire which threatened to expose the suburb of Queenscliff to any stray shells.

With moments to spare, at 12.39pm, the gunners opened fire. The six-inch gun hurled its 45kg shell at the steamer. A geyser of water went right over the ship. A pilot boat rushed alongside: Pull up, or the next shot will be aimed right at you, came the shouted warning.

The shot was fired by Sergeant John Purdue.

Sgt John Purdue

Purdue remained in the army and rose to the rank of colonel.


‘Verdammt, scherzen sie nicht,’ muttered the captain of the Pfalz – or words to that effect. He turned the ship around and surrendered.

The Pfalz did see wartime service in due course. Australia used it as a troop ship.

Fort Nepean has been preserved as a historical site. As has Fort Queenscliff.

The guns of Port Philip were fired only twice in anger. Once at the start of WW1, and again at the declaration of WW2. The circumstances were less historic in 1939. Nepean again fired across the bows of a ship entering Bass Strait, but it was only an Australian freighter that had failed to identify itself.

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What Gina does with pin ups, Tate does with push ups.

A young Australian named Tate Glenn is raising money for Soldier On.

After hearing the sad recent news from Afganistan, where now a total of 41 Australian soldiers lost their lives, I do 41 pushups a day for a month for a cause that’s close to my heart.  I am remembering and showing respect to the brave Australians who died in recent conflicts and supporting those back home who deserve a helping hand. I’d appreciate any contribution, big or small to help the people who have returned and are still recovering from their experiences.

Tate’s already lifted his target once and looking at that graph he might have to do it again.

Reason for a little optimism about our future. I’d send Tate a Pin Ups For Vets Calendar for Christmas – if I thought he’d be allowed to keep it.

Not that Gina and her ladies are raunchy, but parents can be so quick to confiscate when it suits them.

Son, I’ll keep this calendar on the wall in my study until you’re old enough.

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If ships were made to sail…

Missed it by just a day: Happy Birthday to master songwriter Jimmy Webb.

I could post a dozen songs here, but this rendition by Scott Walker is the perfect combination of material and performer.



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This just in…

Reports from Nevada indicate that kangaroos imported from Australia as family pets have escaped and started interbreeding with Gila monsters.


I start pumping it out like a Nigerian lady scammer.

Dearest One, I write to You today in the spirit of Earnest Friendship and Mutual Profit. Look into YOUR HEART and you will Know that what I say Here is the Truth. Your Enterprise Business firm will be greatly improved by My hiring. The work that has Not been Done for many Months will be dealt in swift dedicated Attention to the task.

Your Profits will RISE beyond any profit you ever hoped for gaining. While Efficient I am also friendly and benevolently tilted toward my fellow workers. They will find my presence a Blessing, and their Gratitude in your direction will be mostly profound.

Dear Sweet Friend and Honest Counterpart, it should not be a Distress that I am so Tinily experienced in the line of work which you require done. Many endeavours have been completed with success under my Determination to overcome Harrassing Circumstance. Examine the Resume of my background and look beyond the upmost surface. You will discover a HEART FULL OF COURAGE which has not retreated backward from any difficulty or adventure.

Fondly and with the anticipation of excitement I wait to hear from you. Please call. Dear Friend, God will reward you for this deed and regrets will escape you as the frog escapes the leopard. Fear not the mosquitos of despair for if you take my into your employance they will never find your armpits.

A thousand blessings,

Constance Kwame Taronga.

Scary what comes out at the keyboard sometimes.

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