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A very different beach.

In 1980, when I had less waistline and more hair, Martha and The Muffins hit the airwaves with a rocking song about boring jobs and dreaming of escape.

Thirty years later, they revisited their hit song in a very different mood.


Posted by: Gregoryno6 | November 20, 2014

And everything was fine.

Until someone walked by with chocolate.


Miss Pin Ups For Vets, Gina Elise, sharing a safety-on moment with weaponry from a  SWAT team.

Confectioners of Los Angeles, beware!

Posted by: Gregoryno6 | November 15, 2014

And they would have made such lovely pets.

Old Australia was such a damn fun place. Giant kangaroos, giant wombats, and now…

The new platypus species, named Obdurodon tharalkooschild, is based on a single tooth from the famous Riversleigh World Heritage Area of northwest Queensland…Based on the size of tooth, it is estimated that this extinct species would have been nearly a meter (more than three feet) long, twice the size of the modern platypus. The bumps and ridges on the teeth also provide clues about what this species likely ate.

“Like other platypuses, it was probably a mostly aquatic mammal, and would have lived in and around the freshwater pools in the forests that covered the Riversleigh area millions of years ago,” said Dr. Suzanne Hand of the University of New South Wales, a co-author of the study. “Obdurodon tharalkooschild was a very large platypus with well-developed teeth, and we think it probably fed not only on crayfish and other freshwater crustaceans, but also on small vertebrates including the lungfish, frogs, and small turtles …”

And here is the inevitable artist’s impression of the Godzilla Platypus.

Godzilla platypus

Doesn’t really convey the size of this freak bastard monotreme… if it was eating a small child instead of a turtle, that would leave us properly awestruck.

But this ‘discovery’ is based on a single fossil tooth. I’m not saying the scientists are wrong; I’m just saying that they’ve been wrong about ancient animals before.

The story calls to mind a Monty Python sketch.


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Don’t look now, darling.

But there’s a ghostly Fuhrer sharing our carefree moment.

More examples of the historic juxtaposed with the contemporary here.

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No, it’s not an outdoor mosque.

It’s another devastating condemnation of those who deny global warming.

Bodi burial

A few hundred people gathered at Bondi Beach to protest that the federal government ignores the reality of global warming. Or climate change. Or Bert McGinley, or whatever the hell they’re calling it this week.

Now, the ‘experts’ say that Mother Earth has been warming for a decade or two. It started about the same time that the global cooling scare of the 1980s fell off the radar. Very convenient! But I digress. My question is, how long did these bum-raisers leave their heads in the sand? Reports don’t mention that. A reasonable guess would be a couple of minutes. Or until the munchies started to kick in. Safe bet they won’t be down there for twenty years.

BREAKING NEWS – Environmentalists in the US have declared they will join with their Australian fellow travelers. To prove that global warming is real, they will stay naked until the end of winter.

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Melbourne is a city that loves its old planes.

As I posted a few days ago, there’s a major restoration project underway in Werribee. Over there on the western side of Melbourne a group of volunteers is slowly bringing a WW2 vintage Liberator back to original condition.

Deano’s story reminded me of an air museum that used to stand on the grounds of Moorabbin Airport in Melbourne’s southeast. It was a pretty spartan setup when I visited there as a boy. Nothing was under cover. This was the home of the Australian Aircraft Restoration Group, and I had vague memories of a newspaper report that suggested the group had split or disbanded. It was obviously a shoestring operation and I wouldn’t have been surprised if it had faded away.

Memory and surmise were both in error. The AARG is now the owner of the Australian National Aviation Museum. Still based at Moorabbin, the Museum is home to more than fifty aircraft. Or parts thereof, anyhow.

The current major project is the restoration of a Bristol Beaufort. The Beaufort was a British design, but the RAAF used it to great effect in the Pacific theatre as a sea patrol craft and a bomber. The Museum has a page dedicated to the project, with a short clip on the Beaufort’s history, here.

Click on the pic for link to a detailed history of the Beaufort.

Click on the pic for link to a detailed history of the Beaufort.

In the 2010 documentary The Battle of Britain Ewan McGregor and his RAF pilot brother Colin visit a workshop dedicated to the restoration of old planes at Biggin Hill, a major RAF base during WW2. They even fly a fully restored Spitfire. The planes being restored at Moorabbin aren’t likely to reach that standard, but the work serves a valuable purpose nevertheless:

Over the years the Moorabbin Air Museum has been recognised by a number of awards, the most prestigious of which was a Certificate of Merit in the 1985 Museum of the Year Awards. Apart from the preservation of aircraft, the Museum’s other great accomplishment has been the number of young members who have gone on to careers in aviation or museology; the experience gained while at the Museum standing them in good stead in their working lives.

Next time I’m in Melbourne.

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Enough of the creepy crawlies. Let’s pig out on cute.

There was something really unsettling – no, not unsettling; repulsive – about that whip scorpion. It’s the forearms. They’re almost human in their construction, and it doesn’t require much imagination to see those flexing claws as fingers.

The two long feelers are shiver-inducing too. The whip scorpion is a nightmare made real. It’s a mad scientist’s spare parts assembly project.

While I was ruminating on this I made the serious error of watching Enemy. Enemy is mostly boring, occasionally creepy, and then right at the end… as one reviewer put it: first this movie tested my patience, then it tested my underwear. Spare yourself the ninety minutes of watching a slow, sloooooow exploration of a world where everything is piss-yellow. Even with the playback at double speed, Enemy is awful.

What with one thing and the other, the awful levels have gotten too high. Let’s watch some happy little piggies and forget the nasties.

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Attention, jihadis.

No virgins in Paradise if you kill yourself with incompetence:

At least 14 members of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group were killed Tuesday near Baghdad when a rocket whose warhead they were filling with chlorine gas exploded.

Congratulations, arseclowns. But let it not be thought that our allies aren’t doing their bit, too.

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Well done, sirs.

So, really… was that the only verb you could think of, New York Post?

Ebola grips

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